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June 10, 2004

Stop Energy

It seems that a lot of people are writing about Stop Energy these days - a kind of reaction to the negativeness that we so often experience in our lives, when we are "Stopped" from achieving things that we want, by campaigns from people who have other agendas around the same/similar goals.
This can be witnessed in anything from the "Tall Poppy" syndrom of feeling cut down when it looks like you have achieved too much, through to out right war that takes place in the commercial sector, with Corporations ruthlessly protecting their own ambitions via legal challenges, and patents and the like.
It saddens me to see the world operate like this, and I was reminded of an instance recently, where a good friend of mine, who is a worthy contributor to the Open Source community, was "hacked down" by someone who, ironically, purports to be an expert on Stop Energy.
But, then again, if you generate so much of it, then you are bound to be good at explaining it! :-)

Posted by PiersHarding at 11:04 PM