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May 28, 2005


Something I find very frustrating with ABAP (the new incarnation) is that it is so hard to do the simple things. For example, just the other day I needed to switch some character data from internat table => XSTRING. So how would you go about that?

What I ended up with this (unsatisfactory) solution, and I'm still thinking "surely it has to be easier than this?".

  i_pdf        type table of tline,
  w_pdf        type tline,
  w_stringdata type string,
  w_bindata type xstring,
  loop at i_pdf into w_pdf.
    concatenate w_stringdata w_pdf into w_stringdata.

  perform convertString2XString using w_stringdata changing w_bindata.

data: lr_conv_ce type ref to CL_ABAP_CONV_OUT_CE.

form convertString2XString using s type string changing xs type xstring.
  data: size type i.
  if lr_conv_ce is initial.
    lr_conv_ce = CL_ABAP_CONV_OUT_CE=>CREATE( ).
    call method lr_conv_ce->RESET( ).
  call method lr_conv_ce->WRITE
    exporting data = s
    importing len  = size.
  xs = lr_conv_ce->Get_Buffer( ).

Now given all that - I sincerely hope that I have missed something somewhere, but I suspect that I haven't.

Now that ABAP has entered the 20th century, with moving away for a strictly fixed length storage basis (don't you love the fresh smell of COBOL in the morning ...:-), with the advent of character string, and binary data support - it has to go one major step forward, with better DWIM (Do What I Mean) conversion between native data types using the standard enables of MOVE, =, CONCATENATE, ASSIGN etc. We shouldn't have to jump through hoops, such as above to do the ordinary dross of programming that other (arguably more modern) languages do such as Perl ($bindata = join("",@tab_of_charstrings); ).

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May 26, 2005

SAP - and Planet SAP

DJ has started the syndication job that SAP should have done long ago, with Planet SAP. Now let the search engines do their work and create the consolidated index of SAP resources that we need :-)

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