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October 28, 2005

SAP::Rfc for Perl version 1.39 - finally UNICODE Support

SAP::Rfc 1.39 for Perl has finally been released - thanks both to John from IED and Bjoern Hippenstiel for their contributions, we now have UNICODE support. I would be very interested to here back from people who are testing this, as it is quite a major step forward. In particular - this will clear the way for customers with all double byte languages across Asia etc. Download as usual from CPAN here

Posted by PiersHarding at 11:30 AM

October 12, 2005

New release of SAP::Rfc for Ruby - 0.10

A minor bug fix release of SAP::Rfc for Ruby is now available on RAA. This fixes a new problem with discover() being able to detect parameters with structures correctly.

Posted by PiersHarding at 12:35 PM