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March 30, 2006

Builiding Perl SAP::Rfc for win32

If you have a need to build SAP::Rfc for Perl (and this can be probably made to work for Ruby, and Python too), then this is for you. Olivier Boudry, who has been faithfully maintaining win32 PPM build for me, has given comprehensive instructions on how-to build with the "free" Visual Studio version called VS Express 2005.

This can be found at: How-to build SAP::Rfc on Windows using Visual Studio Express 2005

Many thanks Olivier.

Posted by PiersHarding at March 30, 2006 3:51 PM


Whenever I run reg.pl (in your examples ), I always get error as follows, accept() can't loop:


**** Trace file opened at 20060412 083541 Eastern Daylig, SAP-REL 640,0,7 RFC-VER 3 643653 MT-SL

*> RfcAcceptExt: -a IDOCREP -g ma1uh208 -x sapgw00 -t

*> RfcRegisterProgram ...

Server Program ID = IDOCREP

Host name of Gateway = ma1uh208

Service of Gateway = 3300

RFC-Trace = ON

SNC Own Name =

SNC Library Name =

RFC Handle = 1


LOCATION CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host

ERROR internal error

(this retcode should be handled by caller of NI-layer)

TIME Wed Apr 12 08:35:41 2006


COMPONENT NI (network interface)


RC -8



I've tried different versions of SAP::Rfc, including the latest 1.41, the return is always the same. I googled the error and found no valuable search results, so that I have to beg you for help.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

Posted by: James at April 12, 2006 1:32 PM

Hi James,

Have you checked what port your gateway is listening on?

Also - have you checked the entry in SM59.


Posted by: Piers Harding at April 15, 2006 11:16 AM