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August 12, 2006

Unicode support for Perl SAP::Rfc and Ruby saprfc

I am pleased to announce some support for UNICODE in Perl SAP::Rfc and Ruby saprfc. This is a major step forward, as it incorporates for the first time the use of the SAP supplied Unicode RFC library - librfcu*.
Please download SAP::Rfc 1.45 for Perl and saprfc-0.21 for Ruby and follow the build instructions in the README file. Make sure that you retrieve u16lit.pl form http://service.sap.com, and the appropriate rfcsdk containing the unicode libraries from SAP.
The unicode support is restricted to Client side RFC at the moment, as it is a completely separate task to replicate this for Registered RFC server programs.

Posted by PiersHarding at 7:30 PM