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November 11, 2006

RFC_STRING and RFC_XSTRING type support for saprfc for Ruby

Support for string types now available in saprfc for Ruby from version 1.52. This opens the way for interaction with RFC calls that require variable length storage eg. true strings in either character or binary form. This was particularily useful for manipulating logon tickets, as shown by this example:

isusr = rfc.discover("SUSR_CHECK_LOGON_DATA")
isusr.AUTH_METHOD.value = "E"
isusr.AUTH_DATA.value = "p:ompka\\piers"
isusr.EXTID_TYPE.value = "NT"
puts "RESULT: "

# access an interface parameter value
print "TICKET:             #{isusr.TICKET.value.to_s}\n"
ticket = isusr.TICKET.value.to_s

rfc2 = SAP::Rfc.new(:ashost => "",
                   :sysnr  => 00,
                   :lang   => "EN",
                   :client => "010",
                   :mysapsso2 => ticket,
                   :trace => 1

This code snippet demonstrates using one RFC connection to generate login tickets for another - a very useful trick for brokering connections within an external application. The login tickets in the standard RFC are carried in an RFC_STRING (isusr.TICKET) type parameter.

Note: Thanks to Gregor for pointing this out.

Posted by PiersHarding at 11:00 AM

November 2, 2006

Repensando a web com Rails

Fabio Akita has just contacted me to say that his new book "Repensando a web com Rails" has been released for the Brazilian market. The book is primarily about Ruby on Rails, but contains a section on SAP integration with Rails, which I helped (a little) with
Congratualtions Fabio - Hope it sells well.

Posted by PiersHarding at 1:27 PM