2 Introduction

Welcome to the saprfc Python module. This module is intended to facilitate RFC calls to an SAP R/3 system of release 3.1x and above. It may work for earlier versions but it hasn't been tested. The fundamental purpose of the production of this package, is to provide a clean object oriented interface to RFC calls from within Python. This will hopefully have a number of effects: (1) make it really easy to do RFC calls to SAP from Python in an object oriented fashion (Doh!) (2) promote Python as the interface/scripting/glue language of choice for interaction with SAP R/3. (3) make the combination of Linux, Apache, and Python the killer app for internet connectivity with SAP. (4) Establish a small fun open source project that people are more than welcome to contribute to, if they so wish.

With this in mind - this package has been developed under Linux, so the installation is therefore focused on this. This does not mean that it will not work on other UNIX like flavours - to the contrary it probably will, it just hasn't been tested.