4.1 class conn

The conn Class works in concert with several other Classes that also come with same distribution, these are iface, parm, tab, and struct. These come together to give you an object oriented programming interface for performing RFC function calls to SAP from a UNIX based platform with your favourite programming language - Python. A conn object holds together one ( and only one ) connection to an SAP system at a time. The conn object can use one or many iface objects, each of which equate to the definition of an RFC Function in SAP ( see trans SE37 ). Each iface object holds one or many parm, and/or tab objects, corresponding to the RFC Interface definition in SAP ( SE37 ). For all tab objects, and for complex parm objects, a struct object can be defined. This equates to a structure definition in the data dictionary ( see trans SE11 ). Because the manual definition of interfaces and structures is a boring and tiresome exercise, there are specific methods provided to automatically discover, and add the appropriate interface definitions for an RFC Function module to the conn object ( see methods discover, and structure of conn ).

conn([ashost="localhost", sysnr=18, lang="EN", client=000, user="DEVELOPER", passwd="19920706", trace=1])
creates a new RFC connection object.